Carbon Accountability on the Path to Net Zero

Our company is intrinsically linked to the health and vitality of the communities where we live and work. The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report again emphasized urgent action to avoid a climate catastrophe. Haworth developed a comprehensive decarbonization strategy in 2022 to address our environmental impact and outline our roadmap toward net […]

From Hybrid Working to Working Fluidly: Work from Anywhere

Over the last few years, workplaces have transformed significantly. Before the pandemic, few workers had the option to regularly work from home—but that changed overnight. As we’ve settled into today’s patterns of living and working, much more of the workforce has become a part of a hybrid work ecosystem that balances the office, home, and […]

How Gen Z is Shaping Hybrid Work

Since the hybrid work model is here to stay, it’s critical to understand how employees of different ages experience hybrid work. Gen Z has been making a major impact in the workplace—helping shape the future of hybrid work. Younger workers value hybrid opportunities for different reasons than previous generations, and they have different desires and […]

Our Hybrid Workplace Study Findings

At Haworth, we focus on how organizations, their facilities, and their people intersect. We’ve heard plenty of questions from our clients: How do we optimize employee engagement when people work in multiple locations? How can we build spaces that draw people into the office and support different workstyles? How are people best supported in a hybrid […]

Empathy and Trust Drive Successful Hybrid Work Policies

A Haworth workplace study revealed that 79% of organizations have a hybrid work program in place, with an additional 8% considering one. Even with that many defined programs, organizations are still asking, “How do we get people back in the office?” Well, it’s complicated. There are many variables at play: organizational culture, return-to-office mandates, purpose […]

4 Trends Driving the Workplace Forward

The world of work is constantly evolving. Both employers and employees are continuously adjusting to new needs and expectations for when, where, and how we get things done. We need to understand the latest trends in the workplace and business to move forward. From the importance of inclusive design to the rise of hybrid work, emerging trends […]

Building Resilience into the Global Workplace

For many of us, the past few years were some of the most stressful of our lives. Anxiety and uncertainty surrounded decisions that used to be simple, like how and where we worked. Even though pandemic-driven stressors have largely subsided, stress continues to plague many of us. Research from Zippia concluded that 83% of US workers suffer […]

Making Products with the Circular Economy in Mind

In this article published in our Corporate Social Responsibility report, find out how Haworth’s design teams create innovative, high-quality, sustainable products by building circularity into each component. Circular design is a process that focuses on understanding people and how they use products, as well as challenges facing the designer and the environment. One way to achieve […]

Reimagining the Workplace Lobby

Office building owners seeking to maintain—and even increase—real estate value despite high vacancy and interest rates are evaluating the strategic value of lobbies. Rather than treating the lobby as merely a transitory space between the front door and an interior destination, they’re creating distinctive, desirable lobby experiences. Lobbies are becoming high-impression, welcoming spaces that foster […]

Office Collaboration for Effective Teaming

Most innovative companies are working toward satisfying their need to support both in-person and virtual work. They’ve determined their hybrid and remote work policies, and it is safe to say there is no going back to the way things were. But, questions remain for both employees and employers—particularly, “What does the future office look like?” and […]