Professional Workspace
Design Solutions

Norby’s Work Perks is dedicated to providing our customers with quality office products and outstanding service at a competitive price.

Space Planning & Interior Design

Norby’s is proud to invest in professional interior designers with four-year interior design degrees and experience in workplace function, space panning, product specification, and project management. Our interior design team is available for each project to design and create a workspace that is right for your business.

Office Furniture Sales

As a Haworth Best In Class dealer, Norby’s provides our clients with quality office furniture made with sustainability in mind and built to last. Our sales teams works with you to find the perfect furniture for any office.


Norby’s manages your project from the initial design through the delivery and installation of your furniture. We are committed to keeping your project on time and on budget.

Workspace Reconfiguration

Norby’s also specializes in workspace reconfigurations. Reconfiguring your current space is an efficient way to maximize your office to its fullest potential. Whether you’re a new client or a returning one, Norby’s takes your existing space and furniture and turns it into a refreshed and renewed space.

Professional Installation​

Norby’s has a specialized team of professional installers to help ease installations of office systems – no matter the size. Our logistics team builds and stages your furniture before delivery, ensuring a fast and easy installation.

2nd Day Service ​

Norby’s is pleased to offer our clients repair services, as well as Day Two services. From a broken chair to adjusting your office layout, our team is there to make things right.