Workplace Interiors
by Design Professionals

You are our focus.

We aim to make our clients our number one priority when working on any project – small business or corporate. Our goal is to make your vision of a new workspace come to life.

We create a workspace that is not only appealing to the eye but makes your workspace enjoyable for all your employees.

Making employees happy and ready to come to work is what matters most to us here at Norby’s Work Perks.

Norby’s is here to help.

Our sales specialists, interior designers, and installers work together to create your perfect workspace. Our amazing staff are with you with every step. From brainstorming and planning to execution and installation – know you are in the best of hands.

Understanding your needs is key.

How does Norby’s create a pleasant workspace? It starts by building a relationship with you to truly understand your needs. We strive to learn why your current space is not working and what your needs are in your new space. From there, we configure a space that includes ergonomics, comfortability, and overall effectiveness – standards that help you and your employees feel happier and more productive at work. 

Our Services

Space Planning & Interior Design

Designing an office space is difficult. Hiring a designer makes it easier.

Office Furniture Sales

The perfect piece, just for you.

Project Management

On time and on budget

Workspace Reconfiguration

Redesigning an office isn’t limited to empty spaces.

Professional Installation

Furniture installation by certified installers.

2nd Day Service

From warranties to repair services, we're here to help.

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