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1000 Series

Seating Type: Task/Desk   Product Description: Independent Lumbar, Generous foam for optimal comfort, Convert mesh back to, upholstered w/ optional skin, and Optional dual pivot headrest View Series Detail Page

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Seating Type: Lounge   Product Description: Zola offers incredible versatility: as a bench or as a chair, linked or unlinked, with or without arms – it can be reconfigured with ease. Wood or upholstered backs, and a large selection of both linked and freestanding tables, complete this extensive offering. Recycled and recyclable materials, GREENGUARD™ certification,…

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Seating Type: Task/Desk   Product Description: A high-performing task chair, Zody blends science-based wellness and comfort with sustainability and international design. The product of extensive research and development, only Zody offers asymmetrical lumbar adjustments, providing user-selected support on each side of the lower back. Organizations that make health and well-being top priorities understand the importance…

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Seating Type: Side/Guest   Product Description: High volume seating should be a low stress proposition. Take System 12. It’s smartly priced. Lightweight. Tough. Easy to maneuver. And it’s stackable up to 40 high. So, go ahead, turn up the volume. You can handle it. A seating solution that stacks up. With an ergonomically contoured seat…

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Seating Type: Lounge   Product Description: Hello is a fun yet sophisticated breath of fresh air in a world of stuffy meeting rooms and stodgy reception areas. Edgy, without the sharp edges. Cool, casual and comfortable, yet totally supportive of the task at hand.Hello Lounge has an angular, contemporary, and classic aesthetic that’s very comfortable, and…

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To Do

Seating Type: Lounge & Task/Desk   Product Description: This versatile lounge line offers style and comfort that’s perfect for the boardroom or reception areas. As side seating, ToDo can be stationary or mobile, so you can have a truly flexible, interactive environment. Transform any room. Options include a rotating arm, a tablet with various wood finishes, an…

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Seating Type: Task/Desk   Product Description: Cadence conveys a transitional, or even traditional feel, yet its contemporary elements bridge the gap into the modern office. The standards that stem from 130 years of producing the finest in office seating are evident here: leathers and fabrics hand-cut and sewn, double-needle stitching and welting throughout, and the…

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Openest Chick Pouf

Seating Type: Lounge   Product Description: Inviting. Inviting and approachable, the Chick pouf envelops you in comfort. Keep the back up for a cozy, eggshell-like nook. Flip it down and the Chick pouf becomes an ottoman or a catch-all surface for work tools and personal items. Approachable. Coordinated fabrics in colors that range from serene to…

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Seating Type: Lounge   Product Description: Cressida also features options such as casters, wall saver, cleanout and Push bar. Modifications in dimension, seat and back shape or thickness, and other modifications are possible with Krug’s capability to customize for specific requirements and needs. Cressida can also be provided in custom finishes. Combination upholstery (more than one…

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Seating Type: Lounge   Product Description: Create visual softness.Fashionable furniture. The Garment lounge chair is a study in how to “dress” a piece of furniture by defying convention. A single piece of textile is loosely folded around a distinctively organic form, creating creases that enhance the sense of visual softness. Garment is a fashionable presence in…

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