UND Med School

Project Description:

UND Med School is the only medical school in North Dakota and admits only 78 medical students each year.

The new U.N.D. Medical School features four floors of colorful and innovative furniture.  Every detail, from “U.N.D. Green” buttons on the lounge furniture in the office of the Dean, to the brightly colored seats on the grand stairway follows that theme.

Workstations are designed with way-finding panel fabric colors by department. Each workstation is ergonomically designed. Lower panel walls and storage units allow healthy daylight to stream through-out the offices and open areas.

Individual offices on the exterior walls of the building are designed with adaptable storage components, lockers, and open desk fronts for meetings.

The wide variety of colors, textures, and fabrics used on the many styles of lounge seating provides each student an area where they will feel comfortable to rest or study.  High backed lounge chairs for privacy, booths to meet with friends, and movable stools and sectionals allow flexibility.  The addition of power sources  on tables and seats completes the goal of drawing faculty and students together for study and collaboration in this beautiful light-filled building.



  • Borgo Mya Chair
  • Erg International Banquette
  • Haworth Compose Systems Furniture
  • Haworth LTB Table and Bench
  • Haworth Planes Tables
  • Haworth Seating
  • Haworth X Series Lockers and Storage
  • Keilhauer Cahoots
  • Keilhauer Talk Chair
  • Leland Quarry
  • Leland Slam Chair
  • Lowenstein Intangent
  • OFS First Office Collaborative Table
  • OFS Launch Table