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Benefits of Norby’s Certified Installation Team

600 x 450 Haworth Installation Certificate


Norby's Logistics Center

Norby's has one of the largest and most experienced installation staff around.

Our 12,500 square foot, temperature controlled warehouse is dedicated to staging your product. We stage all of our furniture beforehand, making for a discreet and fast installation on-site.

With our fleet of vans, trucks, and loading dock we work hard to get your furniture installed in no time. We like to "wear the wheels off" our trucks.

Those tasked with the reconfiguration, relocation, or downsizing of an office face many logistical challenges, such as minimizing downtime and staying on budget. Projects involving furniture installation require the assistance of a certified installer, and there are many benefits to this hiring decision.

Access to Years of Industry Expertise

Office managers must regularly provide board members and other executives with recommendations for current and proposed assets and investments. When they install furniture, an expert can provide valuable expertise and insight that facility managers can use to steer a company in the proper direction and make the right strategic decisions.

Support During Reconfiguration Phases

Just because a business isn't relocating every few years does not mean that changes aren't taking place. Changes constantly occur as people move from one office to another or from one part of the building to the next. Today's systems furniture installation experts can make the reconfiguration process safe and efficient while allowing facility managers to focus on other tasks.

Norby's installation team
Norby's Installation Team

Decommissioning of Furniture

Office and facility managers regularly designate some furnishings as redundant or surplus. Retaining such items is a waste of space and money and, if they aren't properly stored and maintained, those items will need expensive maintenance and repair before being put back in use. A facility manager who hires Norby’s office furniture installation team can have these decommissioned items uninstalled and recycled, donated, or stored.

Effective Utilization of Available Space

Office managers are tasked with the effective and efficient use of office space. Our office furniture installation team can support this goal by providing guidance and advice. More importantly, our experts can highlight limitations and risks before they become serious problems. This proactive approach to space utilization is one of the biggest reasons to hire furniture installation experts.

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