Movable Walls & Raised Flooring


Product Description: With options such as glass, metal, laminate, wall coverings, wood and more, there are many ways to define design with Enclose. Enclose walls let you pull any space together in minutes flat. The unitized, factory-built panels arrive pre-assembled and ready to tilt into place – no assembly, complex scheduling of trade workers, lengthy…

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Enclose Frameless

Product Description: The simple, sophisticated design of Enclose Frameless Glass elevates your environment quickly and easily. With the lowest base profile in the industry and refined details like butt-jointed glass and polished aluminum corners, the design is clean and uncomplicated from top to bottom. A choice of sliding, pivot, or butt-hinge doors gives you the…

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Product Description: Raised access floors provide the architectural bedrock for spaces that are flexible, responsive, cost-efficient, and beautiful.  Since 2003, we’ve been helping organizations distribute air, power, voice, and data within a variety of applications, including some of the largest and highest scoring LEED-certified buildings in the country. Today, our flooring products are the leading…

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Product Description: Syncing the best traits of factory-built modular walls with the customizability of traditional walls, Trivati is a true fit-out option that offers the highest levels of quality and performance—tailored to work anywhere and anyhow. Trivati walls provides the ultimate in space planning freedom. Haworth manufactures the floor and ceiling rails that form Trivati’s…

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Raised Flooring

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