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Figuring out what you want to do with a work space, whether it is a completely new space or you are just reconfiguring, is always a difficult task. By reviewing our inspiration pieces and talking to our designers, you are sure to figure out what to do with any space.

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Ancillary Spaces

This is a term that we are hearing and learning more about on a daily basis.  An ancillary space is similar to a breakout space or lounge area.  These spaces give a residential or living room feel to the room.  It is designed for employees to relax and take the pressure off from work.

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Definition of Collaboration with an understanding of physical and social workplace implications.◦ Identify types of Collaboration, Collaboration or team based activity, is a rapidly rising practice in our work life but involves more than just gathering people together in the office. If not thoughtfully approached, it can be difficult to experience the full value it offers. The key is understanding how an organization’s culture informs its specific collaboration needs.