The WELL Building Standard®

Creating a healthy and productive workspace.

Supporting the Employees

We take well-being seriously

At Norby’s Work Perks we strive to create the best environment for our clients by taking into consideration the well-being of their employee’s.

What is well-being? The Well-being Standard is simply creating a healthy work environment for your employees by having the right amount of light, fitness, comfort, and mind. Adopting a higher employee well-being standard is about more than offering free gym memberships—it's about choosing a workplace wellness program and considering the benefits of healthier employees.

Below are several reasons workplace health and wellness programs are worth considering.


Wellness Programs Keep Employees On the Job

Numerous studies show that companies with proper wellness programs have a better overall workplace culture. When employees are healthier, they don't take as many sick days—and they're happier and more productive as well.


Healthier Employees Have Higher Morale

A Principal Financial survey done in 2012 showed that almost 50% of participating employees said an office wellness program would help them decide to stay in their current position. In another recent survey, 77% of respondents agreed that a wellness and health program can positively affect the corporate culture.


Offices With Wellness Programs Stand Apart From Their Competitors

If a company runs a people-centric office, employees will benefit from a better work environment. Roughly 87% of employees who responded to a survey said they considered wellness offerings when choosing a new workplace. With a good health and wellness program, companies can attract more top-level talent.

Happy Employees make better business


Fitness and Health Programs Create a Sense of Community

Starting wellness initiatives can make employees feel more connected to each other because it means they have things in common outside the workplace. When employees take the time to participate in fitness clubs and smoking cessation groups, they not only come together, they often form stronger connections with the community as a whole.



Workplace Wellness Programs Can Prevent Health Issues Before They Start

Office wellness programs can provide employees with support, motivation, and the education needed to live a healthier life. Generally, for every dollar invested in an office wellness program, a company can see a more than 300% return in terms of lower health care costs and reduced absenteeism over a two to six years period.


Employee wellness can benefit everyone, and it's important enough that it shouldn't be put off for another season. When companies focus on workers by implementing fitness, health, and wellness programs, they can boost employee morale, keep workers on the job, and foster a sense of teamwork and community.

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