Norby's Office Wellness Story

How we became a well-being focused environment.

Our Approach

Norby's Well-ness centered officeWe've made office wellness a part of everyday life here at our office in the Grand Forks' downtown area. All employees are provided with ergonomic chairs and most use ergonomic desks.

The Norby's Approach to Ergonomics

Proper office ergonomics helps to alleviate pain in a variety of ways, such as those listed below.

  • It provides a neutral posture when sitting in an office chair
  • It raises or lowers desks to give the user's back a break from being sedentary all day
  • It raises or lowers a computer monitor to put it at the appropriate height to avoid neck and eye strain

Proper ergonomics is essential when designing a workspace from scratch or upgrading an existing office. It's great for employees and for the entire business.

Let the Light In

Another way Norby's practices office wellness is by ensuring there's plenty of natural light. At the front of the building, we have glass walls instead of solid ones. The glass allows light to find its way into the office, which is open enough to allow all employees to get the natural lighting they need for increased wellness and productivity.

Why is it so important to get natural light? The answer is simple. An employee who works in a naturally lit office space gets about 45 minutes more sleep per night than a worker whose office has no natural lighting. When employees are well rested at night, they're more productive (and happier) during the day.

Norby's Well-ness centered officeOffice Fitness

When employees are fit, they're energized and ready to take on the day. Office fitness is a great addition to any office and, at Norby's, we offer employees at-the-desk yoga exercise tips, aerobic balls, free bottled water, and height-adjustable workspaces. When fitness is brought into a workplace, employees become happier and healthier.
Workplace comfort keeps our employees engaged and busy. We ensure our employees' comfort and well-being by ensuring every employee has a workstation and chair that are suitable for their needs.

Additionally, we keep our workers focused and productive by playing soft music throughout the office, as studies show listening to music can increase productivity.

Background Knowledge Makes the Difference

Norby's first-hand experience in ergonomics and office furniture can guide clients in choosing the right products for any office space. Engineers and doctors who understand the relationship between body movement and office work design today's ergonomic products. With our help and advice, people can interact safely and efficiently during the workday.