Creating Culture

Invest in your Employees

Create a Healthier, More Productive Office Culture

Create a cultureFor Norby’s Work Perks, office wellness is our mantra.

We strive to create employees who are happy, healthy, and overall productive. Your employees make up about 80% of your business and by investing in them you can help further your business.

Every business, no matter its size, can benefit from finding ways to maintain or improve productivity. Norby’s helps clients by first understanding your business and what you want your space to accomplish.

There are several ways to bring about higher output, from offering incentives to upgrading software, but a more personal approach is always best. Regardless of the industry, inspiring creativity and encouraging a healthy workforce will always work. Below are a few ways to create an office wellness program without too much disruption to the daily routine.

Create a Healthy, Unique Workplace

Some companies have discovered that a happy employee is a productive one. For instance, Google offers a free fitness center and childcare services to its workers. However, a company doesn't have to be worth billions of dollars to be unique, fun, and healthy. Consider offering healthier lunchtime options or snacks or even a fitness incentive program to employees. Including natural scenery by installing a small garden area or skylights is also very helpful because when these are installed in the break room, it makes daily lunches a more relaxing time for workers.

Install Ergonomic Furniture in the Workplace

When designing an office space, we always take into mind the products that will be most adequate for your employees. For someone who may sit for 8 hours 5 days a week, that employee may need a sit-stand workstation that will allow them to create movement in their body, increase blood flow, and be more productive.

Ergonomics is the key to productivity and healthy employees in any workplace. An example of ergonomic furniture is sit-stand workstations which allow your employees to stand at their space. This will increase blood flow, productivity, and reduce back pain. When your employees have to sit all day they are more apt to developing Musculoskeletal Disorder, back pain, and other health related risks which may lead to compensation costs. One compensation cost, on average, may cost a business anywhere from $45,00 to $65,000. By investing in ergonomic furniture for your employees you will create a better work environment, happy workers, and greater productivity.

Offer Healthy Snack and Lunch Options

If office workers have access to healthy (and free) snacks, they'll notice a natural uptick in energy and productivity. Nourishing foods are much easier to digest, and workers won't go through the mid-afternoon slump if they eat light. In workplaces with vending machines, simply ask the operator to add some healthier options.

Companies are increasingly garnering recognition for their creative approaches to worker motivation, but these off-the-wall strategies are often successful. Developing a healthier and more creative workforce can be as simple as making a few minor changes to the office environment. When employees are healthier, happier, and more inspired, workplace output and staff morale will naturally increase.

Our services, knowledge, and product help us stand out when creating an office that is right for any business. Norby’s Work Perks is ready to create a workspace that will increase profits and help you retain employees who are happy and productive. Invest in a workspace that no one wants to leave and everyone wants to be apart of.