Re-Envisioning the Office Experience at NeoCon

Create an office hub that helps people work from anywhere

June 14, 2022

by Haworth, Inc.

The global experiment we’ve all been living the last two years has accelerated societal shifts in the ways people work and live. At Haworth, we’ve been on a journey to understand how the global landscape will evolve, and we’re re-envisioning the office based on these shifts.

Work from Anywhere

In the Work from Anywhere ecosystem, people will choose from locations like home and third places, but the office will remain the hub for work activities—and so much more. It’s where connections happen and culture thrives—where people come together for creativity and collaboration to drive innovation.

At NeoCon this year, we designed spaces showcasing the Work from Anywhere ecosystem, with a focus on the office and third places. In our showroom, we explore how space supports the experience employees need to feel engaged and productive. People naturally seek out ways to connect face-to-face. And while virtual collaboration technology helps when working remotely, it doesn’t take the place of in-person human interaction.  

Creating an office space that serves as a hub for connection and interaction is key to fostering well-being and a culture where people see the office as a place they want to go to work. 

With people looking to connect in person at the office, there is a need to offer spaces that support a balance of collaboration and individual work. Creating team spaces with flexible furniture provides users more control over where and how they work—together or alone. 

What Every Leader Needs to Know About Reactivating Their Office Space

Easily accessible retreat areas encourage casual conversations, but also provide space for individuals to reflect and restore during the day. Creating space within space using high back sofas, booths, and semi-enclosed areas provides the boundaries needed for these activities.  

Social spaces in the workplace enhance engagement, bring teams together, and create a sense of connection to coworkers and the organization overall. Café spaces promote interaction, camaraderie, and encourage collaboration.