University of North Dakota – Case Study

The University of North Dakota (UND) is a busy 521-acre campus with 13,876 students who are tomorrow’s leaders in engineering, medicine, aviation, space, and unmanned aircraft systems. The university’s new Memorial Union serves as an essential, accessible destination—the heart of UND—with upgraded technology, and flexible facilities designed to enhance the student experience. Location Grand Forks, […]

How Ergonomics for Gaming Boosts Performance

What was once known as simply “playing video games” has now become a multi-billion-dollar global entertainment industry. Gaming has steadily risen in popularity year over year but saw incredible growth during pandemic quarantines, as it allowed people isolated at home to participate in the social interaction they were missing. What’s more, most people didn’t quit […]

Re-Envisioning the Office Experience at NeoCon

The global experiment we’ve all been living the last two years has accelerated societal shifts in the ways people work and live. At Haworth, we’ve been on a journey to understand how the global landscape will evolve, and we’re re-envisioning the office based on these shifts. Work from Anywhere In the Work from Anywhere ecosystem, […]

8 Trends in the Workplace Today

Factors influencing business have never been more complex than today. The key to how organizations and their leaders make business decisions is to first gather relevant information and input. That’s why we continually track shifts in culture, technology, and other trends in the workplace. Keep reading for 8 trending topics we’ve identified that now influence […]

Beautiful Biodegradable Textiles for Environmental Sustainability

Over the next 20 years, the global temperature is expected to reach or exceed 1.5°C of warming. If not limited, critical tipping points will be crossed. The consequences will affect our future and the well-being of future generations. That’s why Haworth is committed to environmental sustainability and taking action against climate change. One of the ways we’re […]

Sustainable Design for Positive Climate Impact

As the pandemic has accelerated the demand for healthy and sustainable spaces, there’s a new understanding of how interior designers can make a positive impact in the world through their work. Interior designers have opportunities to address climate, health, and equity issues, said Avinash Rajagopal, Metropolis Magazine Editor-in-Chief and author of Hacking Design. An in-demand speaker throughout the […]

The Never-Ending World Does Not Exist

The fossil energy we use to power machines that extract, transport, and process the raw materials we need for business is now in short supply. Oil, coal, and gas, which account for 75% of energy production, passed their peak production several years ago—and it’s past time for change. Minimizing Our Impact At Haworth, we are […]

10 Ideas to Design for Workplace Zen

This year, many of us are on a personal journey to find Zen—slowing down to a steady, productive pace, simplifying our lives, rejecting clutter, and choosing nature over technology (when we can!). And as the lines blur between work life and personal life, we’re looking for Zen everywhere—at home and at work. Designing spaces that […]

Transforming Space to Study Solutions

Our global headquarters was designed to be an inspirational, living laboratory. Visitors come from around the world to visualize and experience how to transform their work environments into spaces where people can thrive. Upon entering the building, visitors can step into a light-filled atrium and see people working solo or in small group meetings on comfortable […]

Biophilic Design

If you could do something that aids focus, increases productivity, boosts immunity, and guarantees employee stress reduction, would you say no? Studies on well-being indicate that proximity to nature has health benefits, and this idea—biophilic design—has been around a long time. Although it gained popularity in recent decades, its roots go as far back as […]