AE2S: Advanced Engineering and Environmental Services

Project Description:

AE2S (Advanced Engineering and Environmental Services) is a specialized civil/environmental consulting engineering firm whose primary service is water, wastewater, and storm water system consulting.

With their new facility in Grand Forks, AE2S has recruited Norby’s Work Perks to furnish two floors of furniture throughout their magnificent facility. Due to the always-changing furniture layouts and needs of the business, AE2S opted for modular floor-to-ceiling walls and systems furniture by Haworth. These walls can easily be re-configured quickly with very little downtime to the end user. Haworth’s ToDo chairs and Axis bench seating add a personal touch to their waiting areas and make their customers feel welcome.



  • Movable Wood/Glass, Vinyl LifeSpace ERA Walls
  • Multiple Training Rooms
  • 3 Conference Rooms
  • Lounge Seating
  • Laminate/Wood Office Furniture