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How Norby's became Your Office Design Experts

The story of Norby’s Work Perks began in 1981 when Doug Norby founded Norby’s Office Services in downtown Grand Forks.  Norby’s Office Services started as a typewriter and office supplies store selling everything from pens and paper to high tech IBM typewriters. From the beginning Doug focused on establishing a relationship based company that strives for customer satisfaction with a simple motto of “Service, Service, Service in everything we do!” The original Mission Statement was,  “Norby’s Office Services is dedicated to providing customers with quality office products and outstanding service at a competitive price” has never deviated from that original focus and is still prevalent today.

While Norby’s was successful selling office supplies and typewriters for a number of years, the rapid rate of technological advances and the presence of large corporations entering the field, made office supplies harder to sell competitively and Norby’s was at a crossroads.

So with help of a great local businessman, named Art Greenberg, Norby’s shifted gears and started looking at other ways to help our valued customers. Art was an innovator and helped convince Doug to develop a new business model, with the same great ethics, and transcend the company into an Office Furniture design company.

With the new found focus and excitement, Doug asked his his wife, Sandy, to join the company, in 1984, to be Norby’s first official interior designer. In spring of 1988, Norby’s sold and installed their first ever floor to ceiling office furniture layout at Greenberg Realty and it started the new direction for Norby’s.

Since that day the interior design and office furniture division slowly took over a larger percentage of the business. Business was going well, until a devastating flood in 1997 affected all of the buildings in downtown Grand Forks resulting in Norby’s building on 4th street being torn down.

Sandy and Doug were, once again, at a crossroads of whether to relocate in town, move everything to another city, or close the business. Closing the business was obviously not an option and nor was ignoring their love for Grand Forks’ downtown area. So they found a re purposed building on the same street and set out to make it Norby’s new home.

With that chance came a new brand, logo, and new name. So in 1998, Norby’s Work Perks was born with the same commitment to serving their customers they’ve done for so many years. Today Norby’s has a beautifully designed showroom of nearly 17,000 square feet and a 12,500 foot logistics center to stage and plan installations.

In a few simple terms, Norby’s has always prided ourselves on taking care of customers. It started out selling paper, pencils, pens, and typewriters. Today we have evolved into a turnkey solution for all office interiors; ranging from a fully ergonomic office chair to a complete smart building designed by us with modular walls, access floors, and adaptable furniture. Norby’s has evolved and we will keep adapting to the most current trends in design principles for Interior Spaces while never losing our commitment to our customers to provide “Service, Service, Service in everything we do”.

Our Mission

“Norby’s Work Perks is dedicated to providing our customers with quality office products and outstanding service at a competitive price.”

In addition, we are committed to treating our customers as individuals, as such, we will always put their concerns ahead of our own. We will conduct our business with the highest ethical standards and believe the following values and principles are fundamental to our success.

What we provide:

  • Excellence of each individual employee
  • Employee dignity
  • Strong management leadership
  • Pride in products and services provided
  • Promoting teamwork while encouraging individual initiative
  • Promote mutual trust and respect for each other
  • Encourage innovative thinking
  • Individual honesty and integrity
  • Promote creativity and ingenuity
  • Set priorities and execute plans consistent with our objectives
  • Enjoy our employment endeavors

Basic Motto: “Service, Service, Service” In everything we do!”


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