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Next Level

Product Description: Next Level Tile is a 1/10 gauge, 20 oz. ColorStrand Nylon small scale geometric pattern product. The bright nylon accent yarns add sophistication to the styling. Quarter Turn Installation. Also available in broadloom. View Series Detail Page

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Product Description: The BuzziGrid is a sound buffer that limits echo in a room. It takes its inspiration from the structures that have been widely used in the 60s and 70s to partially hide ceilings in public spaces. In this case the grid has been turned into a functional sound absorbing product that can be…

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Conspiracy Modular

Product Description: Conspiracy is a sophisticated geometric pattern that incorporates hints of bold color. View Series Detail Page

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Product Description: Like the broad open space of an urban thoroughfare Boulevard will provide a versatile backdrop for the hustle and bustle of any surrounding environment. View Series Detail Page

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Buzzi Front Desk

Product Description: Frontpanel for worktop. This workspace divider safeguards your privacy at work or at home. Hide away your cable clutter and computer screen in an orderly fashion. Easy to install on any workstation. View Series Detail Page

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Product Description: The slender extruded aluminum frame captures warm, fully dimmable, and glare-free illumination. It also serves as a resting place for belongings. Highly efficient, the LED array has a 50,000 hour rated lifespan. Contour features a woven fabric or premium hardwood interior, as well as a USB charging port. View Series Detail Page

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Product Description: Groundbreaker is a 1/10 gauge, 22 oz. ColorStrand Nylon textured loop pattern product. The multi level pattern using bright accent yarns yield subtle sophistication. View Series Detail Page

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Product Description: Free standing sound absorbing screen. The BuzziPlant by designer Anthony Duffeleer is a fun-loving, decorative room divider that balances sound. Thanks to the striking shape and color of the three available plants, you can make a statement at home or at the office. View Series Detail Page

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Halftone Transition

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Buzzi Land

Product Description: Sound absorbing panel. Large office spaces or residential lofts often echo, which can be distracting or impact productivity. BuzziSpace has developed the BuzziLand, a sound absorbing panel that can be fixed to the ceiling or walls to dampen sound waves while still offering a chic design. View Series Detail Page

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