By Haworth

Ergonomically Built - This furniture is optimized for employee well-being.

Seating Type: Task/Desk


Product Description:

A high-performing task chair, Zody blends science-based wellness and comfort with sustainability and international design. The product of extensive research and development, only Zody offers asymmetrical lumbar adjustments, providing user-selected support on each side of the lower back.

Organizations that make health and well-being top priorities understand the importance of choosing the right task seating for their workforce. People want to feel good and work effectively - demonstrating you care about well-being and ergonomics proves you value your employees. The Zody task stool is an ergonomic, sustainable seating solution for taller applications. Grounded in research, Zody addresses the challenges organizations like yours deal with every day - how to best support people while seated at work.

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