By Haworth

Product Description:

Syncing the best traits of factory-built modular walls with the customizability of traditional walls, Trivati is a true fit-out option that offers the highest levels of quality and performance—tailored to work anywhere and anyhow. Trivati walls provides the ultimate in space planning freedom.

Haworth manufactures the floor and ceiling rails that form Trivati’s framework, and the walls themselves are site-assembled using insert panels that can be locally sourced. This adaptable design ensures interchangeability and reuse, saving installation time and costs and eliminating unnecessary waste.Trivati’s versatile infrastructure and non-progressive tiling let you make changes on any scale, from moving an outlet to replacing a single panel or an entire room.

Trivati’s tri-channel design delivers the best visual and acoustical privacy in the market, earning even higher Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings than traditional drywall and other demountable walls. Integrated double-glazed door options maintain the integrity of the wall’s STC rating, protecting the acoustical privacy so the sound barrier is not compromised.

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