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To Do

By Haworth

Seating Type: Lounge & Task/Desk


Product Description:

This versatile lounge line offers style and comfort that's perfect for the boardroom or reception areas. As side seating, ToDo can be stationary or mobile, so you can have a truly flexible, interactive environment. Transform any room. Options include a rotating arm, a tablet with various wood finishes, an ottoman, and a cup holder. Transform any room into a space for meetings, presentations, or training.Adapt, change, grow. ToDo offers new ideas and new ways of doing things, perfect for the boardroom or the reception area - or any spaces that need to adapt, change, and grow. ToDo allows you to have a truly flexible and interactive environment as well as a comfortable one.Meetings take place anywhere. ToDo chairs, with smooth rolling casters, allow the meeting to take place anywhere people need to gather to brainstorm or listen to a presentation. These chairs are ready for a computer or notepad with their 360-degree rotating wood finished arm tablet that's interchangeable from the chair’s left side to its right. What’s more, this chair adapts to any body type.

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